Dump Valves, Bypass Valves, & Components

Dump Valves, Bypass Valves, & Components

About the Ventus:
When it comes to gaining performance, the OEM recirculation valve may not be enough… so we went to the drawing board.

After two years of research, prototyping, and field testing, we are pleased to release the Ventus. Our pressure valve is designed and built to suit the warranty minded daily driver, while at the same time exceeding the requirements of high powered Mazda vehicles.

The Ventus is designed for performance, quality, and adjustability; a valve you can grow into and not grow out of. We started by making the Ventus compatible with the factory air box and intercooler shroud configuration, exact OEM compatibility. The Ventus will function as an OEM bypass valve upgrade and continue to exceed expectations as modifications are made to the vehicle. For high powered, high boost applications, the Ventus is designed to handle the pressure.

1R2V™ Tactical Pressure Release System
The recirculation of metered air is a priority for the Ventus. This is the standard operation procedure of our 1R2V™ Tactical Pressure Release System. The first function of the Ventus is to recirculate, then secondly vent excessive boost pressure. In reaction to vacuum and boost pressures, the piston will raise, first exposing the recirculate port. Under high pressure, both ports are exposed. The 1R2V™ system DOES NOT cause driveability issues such as hesitation, fuel-cut, or check engine lights.

Full Range Vacuum Feed
What seems to be an overlooked component of a pressure valve, we took seriously. We opted against broken vacuum stems, wild vacuum lines, and hard to access vacuum fittings. Our full range patent pending vacuum feed system includes a 360° vacuum source ring, accompanied by a 360° vacuum fitting. This makes for an easy and fully customizable installation, regardless of the valve orientation.

High Flow Performance
The Ventus includes the industry’s first scour-resistant performance piston. Our valve has a high flow diameter of 1.105″, allowing for maximum flow and minimized lag. Tight tolerances of the Ventus ensure consistent and responsive boost pressure, increasing acceleration.

Spring Rate Adjustability
Each Ventus includes the Standard Issued #430 spring. We offer two additional spring variants to suit your tuning needs. These additional springs are very important in order to maximize overall performance. Fine tuning each spring can quickly be achieved by the rotation of the Ventus crown while on the vehicle.
Hold your boost, longer.

The majority of the Ventus is composed of 6061-T6 billet aluminum with an anodized finish. Our proprietary hardened alloy piston allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on the Ventus.

Color Options
The 360° vacuum source ring is available in Ignition Red, Stealth Black, and SURE Blue.

Ventus Juice

The Ventus is lubricated and ready to run out of the box. As an added bonus, every Ventus also includes additional valve lubrication, or as we call it, Ventus Juice. The juice is not required for the operation but can be used as needed to maintain the highest performance. One squeeze of the atomizer is all that is needed to lubricate.

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